It began with the cosmic collaboration of love juices from an Elvis Presley loving, pelvis shaking, jail house rocking, don’t step on my blue suede shoes (if she had ’em) swanky kind of a gal and a 55 Chevy, 2 door hardtop, pistol grip shifting, front wheels off the asphalt, tire squeelin’, carburetor about to ba-ba-ba-ba-blow, long hair don’t care son of a gun.

After many orbits around a GIANT star called “the sun”, while living near a military base where Chinooks & Apaches chopped the wind, M1-A1’s firing their cannons in “the field”, Humvees (Hummers; for the new age) kickin’ up dust and M-16 machine guns rat-a-tat-tattin’ on rapid fire rang-a-lang-a-langin’ in the distance… a brain developed along with a little coordination of the hands and the eyes. With a little dose of deuteranopia (color blind condition passed off from the mother in a recessive gene; not her fault-just biology/nature/the universe) and a strong desire to do things… draw, paint, photography, typography, design – I do and make… art (probably like the whole world’s desire… you see, we do art when we are young but many abandon all that good shit as we grow; what gives?). The unpredictable and curious journey of this life continues along with a conscious effort to try and give love, compassion, respect, and care to others. For myself, I aim to ride shiggy-shotgun in this universe along with a little functional fitness in the mix coupled with a tasteful palette geared towards “healthy eating.”


  • likes: art, home made chocolate milk, health, fitness, typography, photography
  • dislikes: menus with pictures, preservatives & artificial flavors

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